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Organzo is a leader in the production and the distribution of fresh Asian fruits and vegetables in North America. This entity unites several companies and individuals that have a passion for offering quality produces to customers all around the world.

The main characteristic distinguishing our products from others is that our kabocha squashes and garlic flowers are grown in the clean and healthy environment of Quebec. We are confident that our products can respond to the needs of Japanese consumers, who are more and more concerned about food safety, traceability and high-nutritional content. We can also offer a wide range of kabocha variety, from Ebisu to Sweet Mama, depending on the Japanese consumers preference.

Main Products/Services: Fresh Asian vegetable, mainly kabocha squash and garlic flower.



  5 million USD



  Quebec-Japan Business Forum; Quebec Produce Growers Association; Quebec Produce Marketing Association; BC Produce Marketing Association, Produce Blue Book; Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC)

  Canada GAP Food Safety Program

  North America, wish to increase presence in ASEAN plus three

  Jean-Desjardins award

  Japanese, Spanish, French, Mandarin


  Open to Japanese partnership

  Japanese Label


  Wax box, unwaxed box, plastic bags, according to customer's preference

  American west coast for sea shipment, Montreal/New York/Philadelphia airports for air shipment. Kabocha can be shipped by ocean freight, while garlic flower can be shipped by airfreight.

  Depending on produce, few days to few weeks


  3.3 million USD

  Garlic flower: July to August, Kabocha squash: August to October


  CIF, FOB or other


  L/C or other


  Mariko Archambault

  International Representative